Maintenance Don'ts

Tata Magic Express Owners Vehicle side view Tata Magic Express Owners Vehicle


Tata Magic Express Owners Vehicle Don'ts Tips
  • Do not keep the engine at full throttle during engine cranking. Keep the engine idling till the oil pressure builds up.
  • Don't allow the engine to be idle for long periods.
  • Don't come down the gradient in top gear. Always change into a lower gear.
  • Don't run the vehicle without a battery in its electrical circuit, as the life of alternator will be reduced.
  • Do not mask head lamp lens (top 1/3 or top 1/2 portions) with black paint. If done, this will reduce head lamp light intensity.
  • Don't use any other than approved brands/grades of fuels and lubricants.
  • Don't tamper with any adjustment made by Tata Motors dealerships and workshops.
  • Don't try to repair any part of the engine when it is running.
  • Don't attempt to start the engine unless the fault detected is rectified.
  • Do not overfill engine oil in sump. This may cause engine smoking and high engine oil consumption.
  • Do not clean exposed painted surface or wind screen with petroleum products, such as diesel, kerosene and petrol.
  • Don't fit bigger size tyres. Do not over or under inflate tyres. This reduces tyre life.
  • Do not flash the alternator leads to check for current flow.
  • Don't mix two brands of lubricants.
  • Don't open the radiator cap when engine is hot.