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Where will this vehicle be used?

Magic has seen usage in the following applications in both cities and rural areas:

  • Stage carriage / route application
  • Contract carriage / route application
  • Purchase for captive use in institutions and companies
  • School application
  • A stylish and spacious vehicle, it is also used for personal transport of owners and their family members.

Can I use it for carrying school children? Is this safe enough to be approved by parents and school authorities?

Yes. Magic can also be used for carrying school children. In fact, it has already seen a very good response from the school category of customers. With some external addition of safety features, like safety grill on windows, emergency exit, fire extinguisher, speed governor, and with some special comfort features for kids, like under seat racks for keeping bags, provision of side step etc, it is an ideal choice for parents as well as school authorities for commuting small children. Magic with some additional safety fitments has been approved by the Maharashtra State government under its School Bus Policy 2011 and is seen ferrying school children on Mumbai roads. For this purpose, Magic comes in a special Skool Yellow colour. One may need to take permission from the respective School authority and the State Government before using it for this purpose. Please contact your nearest dealer to know more about Magic's school application.

What is the service interval for Magic?

For the engine, we recommend servicing after every 10,000 kms. For the first three services, labour is free and service intervals are as follows:

  • 1 st Free Service: 10,000 kms or 4 months, whichever is earlier
  • 2 nd Free Service: 20,000 kms or 8 months, whichever is earlier
  • 3 rd Free Service: 30,000 kms or 12 months, whichever is earlier

The service operations to be performed at Workshop are as follows:

  • Cleaning of Air filter, change of engine oil, change of engine oil filter - 10,000 kms
  • Replacing air filter element, change coolant, steering gear box oil change - 40,000 kms
  • Gear box oil change, rear axle oil change - 80,000 kms
  • Replace timing belt - 100,000 kms

What is the warranty period for Magic?

Tata Magic comes with a warranty of 1 year or 36,000 kms, whichever is earlier. For terms and conditions, kindly refer to the Operator Service Book or get in touch with your nearest dealership or workshop.

What about heat radiating from the metal roof?

Tata Magic comes with a warranty of 1 year or 36,000 kms, whichever is earlier. For terms and conditions, kindly refer to the Operator Service Book or get in touch with your nearest dealership or workshop.

How much financing is available for Magic?

Tata Motors has tied up with several national and regional level financial institutions, NBFCs and banks for easy financing of Magic in every state. The exact financing scheme details vary for each bank / financial institution. Please get in touch with your nearest dealer to know more details. Our executives at the dealership will surely assist you in getting the best finance deal based on various documents available with you.

Is the canopy cover reliable? What about storing important documents etc. at night?

Magic has a hard steel top which is further covered by a canopy. This covering protects the side window area. The canopy cover is made of high grade material and is strong enough to resist scratches. It has been tested thoroughly at our Design and Testing centre. For storing important documents, a lockable glove box has been provided on the dashboard.

Of late, there have been many 4 wheelers in the market which are suitable for carrying passengers. Why should I buy Magic? What makes Magic special?

Unlike many other vehicles, Tata Magic has an all-steel closed body for all-weather protection which protects its passengers and gives the vehicle a long life. Magic's robust design ensures that it can withstand rough exterior conditions like bad weather, bumpy roads, potholes etc. The strength of the body is also proven by the fact that it is Roof Crush and Static Roll Over worthy due to its high strength tubular structure and hard steel top. This also translates to high resale value even after many years of usage.

Magic is a technically advanced vehicle with a high fuel efficient, low maintenance and reliable 2 cylinder ACE Engine which gives it high driving speeds (upto 64 kmph) and superior mileage (20.4 kmpl as certified by ARAI). Since the vehicle is generally used in remote areas, rough terrains and both in upcountry roads and in cities, the engine has been made robust enough with very less electronics. This makes engine servicing much easier and quicker as compared to the electronic engine in vehicles like Maxximo. The reliability of the Tata Ace Engine is well-proven and has a great track record in all parts of the country.

Unlike other vehicles, Magic has a robust yet strong suspension, which includes parabolic leaf springs with hydraulic double acting shock absorbers in all four wheels. These parabolic leaf springs have been suitably designed to take heavy loads while ensuring a smooth ride for the passengers. Also the overhang in Magic is kept optimum to provide perfect balance to the vehicle and also ensure sufficient space inside the cabin.

We value your convenience and status in society. Though Magic has been developed primarily as a passenger carrier, we have taken every effort to provide a car like convenience and style to it. The cabin of Magic is spacious enough to seat 6-7 passengers comfortably and has attractive car like beige interiors with easy to use gear shift lever, comfortable steering wheel, digital clock, lockable glove box, two speed wipers, sun visor and a stylish dashboard with radio fitment provision. The vehicle's exterior styling is attractive with big headlamps, wide windshield glass and sleek modern lines on the body.

Magic is available in BS IV variant and in both diesel and CNG versions. It comes with flexible seating configurations of 6+D and 7+D and 4 colour options to suit local transportation related regulatory requirements.

There are many other attractive features of Magic which make it a perfect choice for you and help you prosper in your business as compared to any other 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler on roads today. Please refer to our features section to know more about them.

How does Magic justify its price?

Magic is a technologically superior passenger carrier vehicle developed by Tata Motors. It is a complete vehicle which addresses all the aspects of a commercial passenger vehicle.

  • Like a motor-cab it offers greater comfort to its driver and passengers and increases business and status for its owner. It is built with high quality materials for longer life and has attractive interior and exterior styling. It has 6 and 7 passenger seating options which is equal to or much higher than its competition.
  • By virtue of being a stable four wheeler with hard top and front overhang, it is much safer than its peers which are unstable, accident prone and are going out of production or being phased out by regulatory authorities. Its body is made of strong steel sheets and door intrusion beams are provided on each side for better safety.
  • Its wide, comfortable, well-cushioned seats with large luggage space and fully covered body with doors and windows for all weather protection makes it the first choice of travellers.
  • Due to the car like features and feel of Magic, it is hired for applications such as wedding and pilgrimage trips, schools etc. These represent additional earning opportunities for Magic operators compared to 3 wheelers.
  • Because of the larger cabin space, powerful engine and lower maintenance costs, a Magic owner earns much more than any other vehicle in its category. Thus Magic justifies its price by delivering higher earnings per trip. In the long run, Magic proves to be much more profitable than any other vehicle in its segment and delivers lowest cost of ownership.

To know more about Magic features, click here

Is water cooled engine better than air cooled engine that many of the 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler passenger carriers currently use?

Yes. Water cooled engine results in low operating temperature of the engine aggregates and hence increases their life. Also since the temperature remains low, the vehicle can be driven over long distances without any stoppage. In other vehicles which have air cooled engines, the vehicles have to be stopped frequently to cool the engine.

How is the suspension of Magic different from other 3 wheelers?

Unlike most 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler passenger vehicles which use either coil spring suspension or rubber compression suspension at front and / or rear, Tata Magic uses strong parabolic leaf spring suspension with shock absorbers in all the 4 wheels. To ensure high comfort levels and less fatigue even after long travel hours for both driver and passengers, Magic has been fitted with a modern technology in leaf springs called 'Parabolic leaf springs', which are characterised by fewer leaves whose thickness varies from centre to ends. Parabolic leaf springs have two major advantages: The main benefit of parabolic springs is their greater flexibility, which translates into high vehicle ride quality. High ride quality means better control on road, more safety in uneven road surfaces and higher level of comfort for all passengers. Fewer leaves also result in weight saving thereby increasing the load carrying capacity as compared to conventional multileaf springs which are very heavy owing to the higher number of leaves they use. Also, leaf springs are inherently stronger and more suitable than coil/rubber compression springs for carrying high loads as they have the advantage of having higher load bearing area as compared to the other two types. Thus, Magic suspension system comprising Parabolic leaf springs coupled with hydraulic double acting shock absorbers at both front and rear is an optimum design for this segment.