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Tata Magic Mantra Features


Tata Magic Mantra Engine

4th Generation DiCOR Engine 798 cc, two cylinder DiCOR engine provides a power of 40 hp @ 3750 r/min and torque of 100 Nm

The greater power and torque at a lower r/min ensures a longer clutch life and higher fuel efficiency.

Great Mileage

Tata Magic Mantra Mileage

Great Mileage

ARAI certified mileage of 21.4 km/l leads to better fuel efficiency and greater savings which equates to higher profits.

Super Speed

Tata Magic Mantra Speedometer

Best in class speed of 90km/h leads to lower turnaround times and helps cover longer distances in shorter span of time.

Superior Gradability

Tata Magic Mantra Flat Side view

Superior Gradability

Gradability of 37% enables the Magic Mantra to take on any type of terrain and serves customers from hilly regions with ease.

Smart Gearbox

Tata Magic Mantra Gearbox

Smart Gearbox

5-speed gearbox and inbuilt SMART calibration maximizes fuel efficiency without compromising on the vehicle performance

Bigger Tyres

Tata Magic Mantra Tyres

Bigger Tyres

13 inch tube tyres increase traction and improves carrying capacity, while providing a longer tyre life and greater ride comfort for passengers.

Large Clutch

Tata Magic Mantra Clutch

Single plate dry friction diaphragm and a large 190mm clutch diameter ensures a better operation and longer clutch life.

Large Brakes

Tata Magic Mantra Brakes

Front disc & rear drum brakes with a new 7" vacuum booster ensures a best in class brake efficiency.

Rugged axle & Suspension

Tata Magic Mantra Suspension

Rugged axles and Suspension

Rigid axles, parabolic leaf springs at the front and semi- elliptical leaf springs at the rear provide better ride comfort for passengers.

Turning circle radius

Tata Magic Mantra LH side view

Safe and easy turning even on narrow roads, better maneuverability.

Vehicle Shape

Tata Magic Mantra Shape

Attractive vehicle shape

Sleek modern lines on body gives an elegant look.

Graphite grey interiors

Tata Magic Mantra Interior view

Glass windows in front and window covers in rear

Car- like feel and styling

Two box tail lamps

Tata Magic Mantra Trail Lamps

Attractive instrument panel and dashboard

Displays all the relevant information to the driver at one go

Vibrant Colors

Tata Magic Mantra Vibrant colours

Attractive head and trail lamps

Gives a stylish look to the vehicle


Tata Magic Mantra Side mirror

angle outside rear view mirrors

Ensures better traffic view ability.

Stylish Graphics

Tata Magic Mantra Stylish Graphics view

Vibrant and fashionable graphics on either side of the body panels.

Trendy Exteriors

Tata Magic Mantra exterior

Attractive wheel caps and a stylish body colored bumper.


Tata Magic Mantra Style Dashboard

Stylish and Useful dashboard

Multi- utility dashboard equipped with glove box, digital clock, provision for music system & mobile charger.

Instrument Panel

Tata Magic Mantra Instrument Panel

Clear and attractive instrument panel

Displays all important information to the driver at one go.

Hard Steep Top

Tata Magic Mantra Top view

Better safety for Passengers.

Large powerful headlamps

Tata Magic Mantra Head Lamps

Better visibility in bad light, rain, fog and at night time.

Reverse Lamps

Tata Magic Mantra reverse Lamps

High mounted rear brake lights with reverse lamps

Safe, easy to spot from a distance and easy reversing of the vehicle.

Steel Body

Tata Magic Mantra Flat Steel Body

High strength steel body with monocoque structure and turbular construction. Better accident protection, safer for travellers.


Tata Magic Mantra seat belt

Seatbelts for driver and passenger Protection in case of any collision.

Vacuum Brakes

Tata Magic Mantra Vacuum Brakes

Vacuum assisted dual circuit hydraulically activated front disc and rear drum brakes

Superior braking performance with less effort and better control.

Twin Wipers

Tata Magic Mantra Twin wipers

Twin wipers with windshield spray

Better visibility in rains, easy cleaning in all seasons.

Lockable Glovebox

Tata Magic Mantra Glovebox

Lockable glove compartment

Keep your documents and other valuable items safe while driving.

Door intrusion beams

Tata Magic Mantra Door

Enhanced safety against side impacts.

Headroom and Legroom

Tata Magic Mantra Headroom

Ample headroom and legroom makes your journey more comfortable.

Passenger Doors

Tata Magic Mantra doors

With Passenger Doors easy entry and exit.

Steering Wheel

Tata Magic Mantra Steering Wheel

Comfortable steering wheel with variable ratio type steering mechanism

More convenience and better control with less effort.

Rugged Suspension

Tata Magic Mantra Suspension feature

Rugged parabolic leaf spring suspension with hydraulic double acting shock absorbers.

Cushioned Seats

Tata Magic Mantra cushioned seats

Wide well-cushioned seats

More comfortable journey for passengers.

Ample luggage space

Tata Magic Mantra Luggage rear view

Keep extra luggage separate, enjoy the journey more.

Adjustable Bucket Seat

Tata Magic Mantra seat

Comfortable and adjustable buckle seat with headrest for driver

Better posture, more comfort and less fatigue.

Zippable Side covers

Tata Magic Mantra side covers

Protects from rain and dust, keeps cabin ventilated.

Sun Visor

Tata Magic Mantra Sun Visors

Sun visor for driver and co-driver

protect your eyes from direct sun glare while driving.

Music system & mobile charger

Tata Magic Mantra Music system

Entertainment and Facilities, music System and mobile charger provision.

More Speed & Trips

Tata Magic Mantra Speed trip

More speed , More tips: 798 cc, two cylinder DiCOR engine provides a power of 40 hp @ 3750 r/min and torque of 100 Nm. Top speed of 80 km/h

Multiple Seating options

Tata Magic Mantra Multiple seat options

Multiple seating options of 6 + driver and 7+ Driver. More passengers per trip; meets permit regulations

Strong Aggregates

Tata Magic Mantra Engine Feature

Rugged design, long lasting aggregates. Low maintenance cost, low downtime.

Low maintenance

Tata Magic Mantra Engine view

Remote mounted air filter and pre-fuel eliminates fuel adulteration, increase the life cycle of the engine and provides a better fuel efficiency for the vehicle.