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Steering Wheel

Tata Magic IRIS Steering Wheel

Car like comfortable steering wheel

Easy to drive and turn More comfort, more control, less driver fatigue

Foot Operator ABC

Tata Magic IRIS Foot Operated ABC

Foot operated (ABC)

Better vehicle control more driving comfort and less fatigue

Instrument Panel

Tata Magic IRIS Instrument Panel

Stylish instrument panel showing vehicle details, such as speed, distance travelled and amount of fuel available

Comprehensive information at a single glance, early warning indication to the driver, hence confidence and control for driver

Wide Doors

Tata Magic IRIS Wide Doors

Wide doors pop- up knob provision for side step

Easy entry and exit. All weather protection from rains, dust and sun

Passenger Seats

Tata Magic IRIS Seats

Comfortable passenger seats with seat belts, Thick cushions, higher backrest and enhanced thigh support

Comfortable passenger seating with safely through seatbelts

More Space

Tata Magic IRIS interior Space

More headroom and legroom internal volume - 11% more passenger space

Makes your journey more enjoyable with IRIS

Adjustable Seat

Tata Magic IRIS Adjustable seats

Comfortable and adjustable driver and co-driver seats

Bucket seats with high backrest and broad cushion Adjustable driver seat. Conveniently adjustable seats for more comfort and less fatigue


Tata Magic IRIS Suspension

Front - Independent MacPherson strut suspension. Rear- coil spring with semi trailing arm, hydraulic double acting shock absorbers

Better shock absorbing capability as compared to other suspension types used in its category


Tata Magic IRIS Luggage area

Spacious luggage area, provision for roof carrier for luggage

Keep luggage in separate luggage area. Enjoy the Journey more


Tata Magic IRIS Dashboard features

Stylish and useful dashboard

Space for keeping items - rest pad lockable glove compartment, Provision for music system, Provision for mobile charger, Easy hand held gear shifting. Make vehicle stylish, Makes your journey more comfortable and enjoyable

Sun Visor

Tata Magic IRIS Sun Visor

Sun Visor

Protects your eyes from direct sun glare while driving

Covered Body

Tata Magic IRIS covered body

Fully Covered, attractively shaped 4 wheeler. "Neighbours envy, owners pride"

Glass Windows

Tata Magic IRIS Glass Windows

Glass windows in front and window covers in rear

Car- like feel and styling

Instrument Panel

Tata Magic IRIS Instrument Panel Features

Attractive instrument panel and dashboard

Displays all the relevant information to the driver at one go

Attractive Lamps

Tata Magic IRIS Lamps

Attractive head and trail lamps

Gives a stylish look to the vehicle

Steel Body

Tata Magic IRIS Steel Body Features

All Steel body with double sheet steel doors

Robust body gives greater accident protection and therefore safer for travellers

Hard Top

Tata Magic IRIS Hard Top

Hard top and window covers all weather protection


Tata Magic IRIS Windshield

Big Windshield with side mirrors and motorised wipers with knob operated water spray

Better visibility easy cleaning in all seasons

Static Roll

Tata Magic IRIS Feature

Static roll over worthy

Complete protection even in case of vehicle roll over

Powerful Lamps

Tata Magic IRIS Powerful Lamps

Powerful clear lens head lamps stylish and powerful high-mounted tail lamps

Better visibility in bad light, rain, fog and night time


Tata Magic IRIS Engine Technology

611 cc, Single cylinder, water cooled engine producing power of 11 HP @ 3000 rpm and torque of 31 Nm

Bigger, powerful and rugged engine for longer life


Tata Magic IRIS Gearbox

Synchromesh gearbox, H-type gearshift arrangement cable operated shift and select mechanism, dashboard mounted gear shift lever

Robust gear design with car like (smooth) gear shift mechanism


Tata Magic IRIS Clutch

Single plate, dry friction, diaphragm type clutch 160mm clutch diameter

Reliable and robust clutch for longer life


Tata Magic IRIS Suspensions

Front- Independent MacPherson Strut suspension Rear - coil spring with semi trailing arm, Hydraulic double acting shock absorbers

Better shock absorbing capability as compared to other suspension types used in its category


Tata Magic IRIS Tyres

12" Radial tyres with 4 Bolts

Better grip, longer life, superior mileage, good loading capacity


Tata Magic IRIS Chassis

Strong durable reverse hat section chassi frame with fully covered steel body

All steel structure with strong chassis means longer life

More Trips

Tata Magic IRIS Tips

Power of 11 HP @ 3000 rpm with torque of 31 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm powerful water cooled engine

More trips per day - higher earning

More Passengers

Tata Magic IRIS space Features

Seating provision of 3+D/4+D

More passengers per trip- higher earnings

Customer Passengers

Tata Magic IRIS Features

Fully covered, attractively shaped 4 wheeler

"Neighbours envy, owners prime" Fills up faster- higher earnings

More Working Time

Tata Magic IRIS more Features

Steering wheel, foot operated Accelerator, Brake and Clutch( ABC), comfortable seats

Lesser fatigue - higher earnings

Rugged Design

Tata Magic IRIS design Features

Rugged design, long lasting aggregated

Low maintenance cost, low downtime

Less Engine Oil Change

Tata Magic IRIS Engine Oil

Less frequent Engine oil change 10,000 km first service, engine oil change interval of 10,000 km

Less frequent Engine oil change translates into lesser costs and fewer trips to the workshop