Your Guide to Buying the Tata Magic Express Ambulance

Your Guide to Buying the Tata Magic Express Ambulance

Tata Motors | Jun 17, 2021 11:46 am
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With the changing needs and increased demand for mobile health services across the country, Tata Motors has once again pioneered the way forward by foraying into the compact and affordable ambulance segment, with the new Tata Magic Express Ambulance BS6 variant. This new ambulance boasts a unique design, with dimensions that allow it to navigate Indian roads with ease, thereby saving time and lives.

Whether you are a public or private hospital, clinic, medical service provider, a citizen group, business or NGO, looking to purchase a low-cost ambulance that delivers high on performance and profitability, the Tata Magic Express Ambulance backed by the Power of 6 and AIS 125 regulation compliant, is the superior choice. This tailor-made vehicle is designed keeping in mind the needs of the medical fraternity, while at the same time it ensures profitability from a business perspective. Its slim build further enhances the interior space, making enough room for the patient, a doctor and four paramedics or personnel, along with all the essential medical equipment as well as safety features.

The Tata Magic Express is value for money, thanks to the Power of 6, which promises superior profitability, performance, driving comfort, convenience and connectivity, along with safety — all with a lower total cost of ownership.

The ex-showroom price of Tata Magic express starts from INR 8.1 Lakh. It is one of the most economical choices in the ambulance vehicle category. While there are many value adding features and benefits for the owner too. Such as its best-in-category 2 year/72,000 km warranty, as well as long service intervals and easy accessibility to Tata Motors service centres with genuine spare parts.

Most importantly, it delivers on quality. Powered by a 4-stroke, CRDi Turbocharged, Intercooled, Diesel Engine, which delivers 44 hp and 110 Nm of torque for better pickup and greater mileage at 20.4 km/l. Fitted with drive enhancing features and specifications like semi-elliptical leaf Front Suspension as well as Front and Rear Anti Roll Bar, boasting a top speed of 80 kmph, low turnaround time and top-class gradeability of 38% that guarantees safe journeys across every terrain. Additionally, the ambulance also has a fuel-saving ECO switch and gear shift advisor to further increase fuel efficiency.

There are many reasons to buy the Tata Magic Express Ambulance and make a difference to the growing mobile healthcare needs of the country. Whether you look at performance, hassle-free maintenance or affordability, this is the ambulance to pick.

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