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Why Tata Magic CNG is the best Eco-friendly Passenger Vehicle for Commercial Business

Tata Motors | Feb 20, 2019 4:57 am
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An eco friendly vehicle is the need of our time as it causes comparatively less harmful effects to the environment than a conventional combustion engine which is functional on diesel or other fossil fuels. Tata Motors the pioneer in the Indian automobile industry have turned their attention towards producing environment friendly vehicles in the commercial category. The Tata Magic CNG is a variant launched by Tata Motors and is considered to be the best eco-friendly passenger vehicle for commercial business. What’s more – is that it comes under an affordable price slab

With careful forethought - Passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers like Tata are focusing on the electric and hybrid technology for providing green mobility solutions to the country. Eco friendly vehicles using electrical batteries and electrical engines decrease the amount of harmful emissions when driving at all speeds.

Tata Magic CNG is curbing the pollution rate and proving to be the best eco-friendly passenger vehicle in the commercial segment.

Tata Magic CNG is powered by 275 SI CNG 'best in its class' multi point gas injection engine which gives it - improved power, faster pickup and better fuel efficiency. A bigger 12.5 kg cylinder means lesser trips to the CNG fuel station. It is ARAI certified under standard test conditions. As far as the seating capacity is concerned, 11 persons can easily accommodate in this multi utility vehicle.

Superior features of Tata Magic CNG:

  • Unlike other vehicles, Tata Magic stands strong even in the rains and customers are free from break down issues.
  • Short circuit resistant waterproof connectors in the wiring circuit.
  • Comfortable passenger cabin with wide cushioned seats and ample leg room space.

Especially in urban areas where pollution is ever increasing, the CNG variant of Tata Magic is a boon and a great choice for a passenger transport vehicle offering a considerable amount of efficiency while being eco friendly.

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