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When was Tata Magic CNG launched in India

Tata Motors | Feb 13, 2019 10:21 am
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Tata Magic CNG: India’s eco-friendly, mass transit superstar

Imagine a clean, green and environment friendly city. Tata Motors is determined to fulfill this dream by promoting CNG variants of commercial vehicles. Supporting this social cause to produce eco friendly vehicles, Tata Motors launched Tata Magic in June 2007; it is a last mile mass transport with bigger CNG cylinders.

Distinct Features of Tata Magic turning it into a Superior Passenger Vehicle in India:

1. Tata Magic CNG has a dedicated water cooled CNG engine with multi-point gas injection producing a maximum torque of 49Nm@2200r/min facilitating motion on different roads. CNG burns cleaner than petroleum based products because of its reduced carbon content.
2. Bigger tank capacity of 70litres (12.5kg) provides better fuel efficiency and lesser trips to the CNG fuel station. It increases the vehicle performance especially during a long distance journey.
3. The interiors are sleek, designed beautifully with all the useful features ensuring a comfortable journey. Stylish dashboards, music system space, facility to charge mobile phones, enough luggage room and other similar striking features make Tata Magic a preferred passenger vehicle in various cities of India.
4. For safety, waterproof connectors are installed in the wiring circuits to prevent short circuits during monsoons.
5. Magic CNG reduces the maintenance cost as it does not dilute or pollute crankcase oil, so the service interval for oil change gets extended. This ensures a prolonged life span of Tata Magic CNG engines and reduces the overall maintenance cost.
6. The 6-7 seating capacity of Tata Magic CNG contains wide cushioned seats, enough legroom, ensuring a relaxed journey.
7. Tata Magic CNG delivers a top speed of 77kmph and a ground clearance of 160 mm, which also accounts for its success as a swift passenger vehicle.

Thus, the launch of Tata Magic CNG has been a boon as it has replaced many tourist vehicles holding a strong position in the passenger vehicle segment. The CNG variants produce no rough emissions as compared to the conventional fuels and work diligently even in adverse weather conditions.

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