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What is the Warranty Period of Tata Magic

Tata Motors | Feb 13, 2019 10:15 am
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What is the Warranty Period for Tata Magic

Vehicles belonging to the Tata Magic family are considered to be a preferred range of passenger vehicles in all major towns and cities in India.

The Magic is an ideal passenger vehicle - substituting old three wheelers and strengthening the base for last mile public transport in urban and rural markets of India. Taking forward the engineering success, the Tata Magic range is inclusive of three variants- Tata Magic Iris, Tata Magic Mantra and Tata Magic Express.

Tata Magic – myriad colours, myriad applications

The Tata Magic is available in many vibrant colors that makes its appearance unique on roads. With its 6-7 passenger seating capacity, the Tata Magic is often used as a mini school van, for intra-city transportation and also for long distance travel vehicle for pilgrimages etc.

Tata Magic Warranty Period

Besides in-built comfort and safety features, Tata Magic substantially attracts attention because of its long term warranty of 2years OR 72000 km (whichever is earlier). High-performance, low maintenance and unmatched warranty gives a wider scope of business growth to the customers.

The warranty begins from the date of delivery of the vehicle to the first owner. The delivery date is considered as start date for the warranty period. This year Tata Motors has announced best-in-class warranty for six years on the entire range of tractor-trailers, multi-axel trucks and tippers.

Similar to the Tata Ace brand of vehicles, Tata Magic variants have also equally contributed to the rise of many entrepreneurs in India. It is not only appealing to the Indian small commercial vehicle market but is also exported to 20 countries across SAARC nations and African countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kenya, Sri Lanka and many more.

Tata Motors reserves the right for final decision in all warranty matters.

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