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What is the turning radius of Tata Magic?

Tata Motors | Dec 3, 2018 5:21 am
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The Tata Magic is India's first 4-wheel public passenger vehicle on the Ace platform. Powered by a 16 BHP (12 kW), 700 cc diesel engine, the Magic offers high fuel efficiency and very low maintenance. It also has high ground clearance, and a front axle optimized to handle tough roads.

Tata Magic Turning Radius

The Tata Magic is a dream come true for city drivers with its turning radius of 4.3 metres. To put that in perspective, it is just a little higher than the turning radius of India's tiniest car - the Nano which has a turning radius of 4 metres! This makes Tata Magic an amazing last mile passenger vehicle for urban areas where tiny gullies, hawker encroachments and heavy traffic are a constant stress point for drivers. The Tata Magic School Van in particular, benefits from this feature.

Tata Magic - available models

The Tata Magic is available in 4 variants depending on what you want to use it for:

1. Tata Magic (and its CNG variant - Tata Magic CNG)
2. Magic Iris (and its CNG variant - Magic Iris CNG)
3. Magic Mantra
4. Magic Express.

The Magic promises its passengers a safe and comfortable way to travel, and its operators a profitable way to grow their business; while keeping the overall dimensions compact and price tag affordable.

Find out more about the Tata Magic at www.magic.tatamotors.com .

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