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What is the top speed of Tata Magic Express

Tata Motors | Oct 24, 2018 11:02 am
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The Tata Magic Express is India's first 4-wheel public passenger vehicle on the super successful Ace platform. This closed steel body vehicle with 6 and 7 passenger seating options has ultimate comfort, style and safety features making it a great drive for both driver and travellers. The following variants in the Tata Magic range:

Tata Magic | Tata CNG | Tata Magic Iris | Tata Magic Iris CNG | Tata Magic Mantra | Tata Magic Express

A stylish, urban transporter

The Tata Magic Express has an all-steel, closed body for all-weather protection of its passengers and for a long vehicular life. Its sleek yet robust design ensures that it can withstand rough exterior conditions like bad weather, bumpy city roads and potholes even at high speeds (the Magic Express’ maximum speed is 80kmph)

Built for faster turnaround times

Unlike other vehicles, the Tata Magic Express has a robust suspension, which includes parabolic leaf springs with hydraulic double acting shock absorbers in all four wheels. These parabolic leaf springs have been suitably designed to bear heavy loads and ensure a smooth and swift rides for the passengers. Also the overhang in the Magic Express has been kept optimum to provide perfect balance to the vehicle even at higher speeds.

By virtue of being a stable four wheeler with hard top and front overhang, it is much safer than other vehicles in the class, which are far more unstable and thus accident prone.

The Tata Magic Express is available in BS IV variant and in both diesel and CNG versions. It comes with flexible seating configurations of 6+D and 7+D and 4 colour options to suit local transportation related regulatory requirements.

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