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What is the Service Interval for Tata Magic

Tata Motors | Feb 20, 2019 4:57 am
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Vehicles comes with certain specified service interval periods to ensure all parts are functioning correctly. Servicing at these regular intervals increases vehicle performance and grants them longer life. For commercial and passenger vehicles such as the Tata Magic, it is equally necessary to undergo servicing so that they function smoothly to handle regular public transits without breakdown.

Tata Magic service intervals

The Tata Magic is a popular mass transporter suitable for cities as well as rural areas providing great comfort to the passengers and good profit to the owners.

It is India's first four wheeled public passenger vehicle and has been created with all kinds of useful features and specifications. Though smaller in size, the design structure and space guarantees a comfortable journey.

Servicing being an important factor, it is recommended to have your vehicle check timely to be safe and sound during the journey. Ignorance of servicing may cause untimely breakdowns causing delay and inconvenience in reaching the destination.

Service and Maintenance of Tata Magic

  • 1st free service - service interval of the engine after every 10,000kms or 4 months interval - whichever is earlier
  • 2nd free service - 20, 000kms or 8months, whichever is earlier
  • 3rd free service - 30, 000kms or 12months, whichever is earlier

Below are some important servicing operations that can be availed at the workshops:

  • After 10,000kms -the cleaning of air filter, change of engine oil and change of engine oil filter should be done
  • After 40,000kms - Replacement of air filter, change of coolant
  • After 80,000kms -gear box change, rear axle oil change
  • 100,000kms -replace timing belt

Get these service procedures done at the specified intervals, and keep your Tata Magic perform magically on the road!

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