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What is the Price of Tata Magic Express

Tata Motors | Feb 20, 2019 4:56 am
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A last mile public transporter, the Tata Magic Express is a small commercial vehicle built with various comfort and convenience features for pleasant and relaxing travel. It is one of the most economical diesel passenger vehicles in India.

The Tata Magic recently crossed 3 lakh units in sales, proving its mettle as a popular mass transit vehicle. The ex-showroom price of Tata Magic express starts from 4.91 lakh to 5. 12 lakhs.

The Tata Magic Express is powered by the next generation Common Rail Dicor engine, which delivers a maximum power of 30KW(40hp) and maximum torque of 100Nm, offers a superior mileage of 21.84kmph for higher savings. It offers a flexible seating capacity of 4-7 passengers with enough legroom space plus bucket seats for the driver and co-driver with all steel cabins. The Tata Magic Express is available in five vibrant colors to choose from.

It has a top speed of 80kmph, low turnaround time and its best in class grade-ability of 37% guarantees a safe travel on hilly regions and terrains.

The warranty period is of 2 years or 72000km. It also comes with safety features like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, large headlamps and windshield for clear and better visibility, crush compliant roof for safety, incase of vehicle roll over, controlled braking performance for preventing accidents, racks under seats for bags and luggage, and an emergency exit at rear.

Tata Magic Express is an ideal choice for school going children, conveying the best safety features and class mileage at a reasonable price.

The Tata Magic Express is an attractive business investment and aims to meet the travel needs in both cities and rural areas at an economical price.

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