Tips to Choose the Right Ambulance For Your Needs

Tata Motors | Jul 8, 2021 10:48 am
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Ambulances are some of the most important service vehicles in the country, journeying across every city, town and village with the sole purpose of delivering medical care and safety to citizens when they need it most. That is why choosing the right ambulance vehicle is crucial to any mobile medical service provider. Read on to discover a few essential tips that can help make your decision simpler.

Choose a Brand you can Trust

There are many commercial vehicles for every service category available in the market. But the trust and reliability of a brand like Tata Motors is second to none, with a legacy of delivering top quality products that are affordable to invest in and keep on road.

Choose by Type of Ambulance

There are different types of ambulances one can pick from, based on the intended service you wish to provide, such as basic life support, advanced life support, emergency patient transport and more. For life saving situations, you need an ambulance with superior performance, safety as well as comfort.

Choose by Performance Features

High performance is something any new ambulance vehicle must deliver on. It should offer power, fuel efficiency and a smooth, bump-free ride so that everyone on-board is absolutely comfortable during critical times. Easy manoeuvrability, high fuel capacity and mileage across every terrain should be considered.

Choose by Maintenance Level

Ideally, you want your ambulance to be out on the road constantly doing what it does best - saving lives. You do not want issues like breakdowns, frequent servicing and expensive parts hampering your objectives. Pick an ambulance that ensures simple and affordable maintenance and a long lifespan.

Choose by Safety Features

When transporting patients and medical professionals, safety is of utmost importance. So it is necessary to choose an ambulance that has in-built features that ensure completely safe journeys. These features shouldn’t have to be added on or cost extra.

That’s why we recommend the Tata Magic Express Type-B Ambulance BS6 - a fully equipped dispensary on wheels designed to save lives and provide effective patient transport that is compliant with AIS 125 norms.

It comes with a fuel efficient 4-stroke diesel engine offering a
category best power and performance, specifications that ensure a smooth
ride, a high 19.06 km/l mileage that lowers operational costs, sturdy design
with enhanced safety and navigation features, as well as a 2 year / 72,000 km
warranty upon purchase. It’s the ultimate choice for a modern ambulance to
serve a progressing nation.

Tata Motors

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