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Seating Capacity of a Mini Van

Tata Motors | Feb 13, 2019 10:11 am
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How many passengers can a Mini Van seat comfortably?

With an increase in traffic congestion and narrow roads, the concept of mini vans is gaining increasing popularity. Mini Vans usually have a minimum seating capacity of 6 passengers and a maximum of around 8 passengers. Over the years, the concept of the mini van has carved a niche for itself, and people look to it when they need to travel as a group long distance or when carrying both passengers and cargo. Tata Motors has a range of attractive minivans under the brand name Tata Magic.

Tata Magic has been dubbed as India’s first public transit transporter in the 6 and 7 passenger seating range. It offers total comfort and comes with a host of safety features. The Magic comes in a number of attractive looking, colourful and economical variants such as Tata Magic IRIS, Tata Magic Mantra and Tata Magic Express.

Designs of some minivans are flexible enough to fold unused seats and recessed into the floor of the van, creating a good enough storage space. For instance, outdoor enthusiasts keeping their sporting equipment or hunting gears while a bunch of children in a minivan loaded with groceries. Indeed, very few vehicles have the versatility of a minivan when it comes to practical advantages – storage, seating and great economy!

Seating Capacities of various Tata Magic Iris Variants

1. Tata Magic IRIS: An urban passenger carrier is a sturdy 4-5seater minivan with seatbelts, high backrest, thick cushions and adjustable driver and co-driver seats.
2. Tata Magic Mantra: Available with a seating capacity of 6+D and 7+D and a luggage space behind the 3rd row seat. Also, adjustable buckle seats with headrest for the driver.
3. Tata Magic Express: Divided in three rows with a capacity of carrying 7 passengers. The seating configuration is 2nd row -Rear Facing and 3rd row-front facing.

The Tata Magic comes in multiple seating options suitable for different size of groups ranging from 4 to 8 passengers. Know more about Tata Magic’s striking features on the Tata Motors website.

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