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Magic Mantra – The Family Holiday Vehicle

Tata Motors | Jul 2, 2018 1:22 pm
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"India Chala Long Drive Par", this tagline stands true for Tata's popular passenger carrier Magic Mantra. Every drive in the Magic Mantra ensures safety and comfort for travelers; guaranteeing a memorable trip. It is a spacious van, and thus, an ideal choice for long distance family tours. Tata Mantra not only has ample space for passengers, but also enough luggage space including the roof area.

Why the Tata Magic Mantra is the most Reliable Vehicle for Family Holidays

Passenger Safety: Magic Mantra performs exceedingly well on long routes even when loaded with more than 5 passengers. Below are certain safety standards ensuring a safe trip for your family:

  • Sturdy steel body with monocoque structure and turbular construction
  • Static roll over and roof crush compliant in case of vehicle roll over
  • Seat belts for driver and passenger for protection against collision
  • Superior braking performance for better control
  • Lockable glove compartment to keep your valuable items safely

Comfortable Journey: Long distance journeys if not comfortable, can affect the health of passengers making the trip uneasy. Avoiding such instances, Magic Mantra includes comfort features:

  • Wide passenger doors plus ample headroom and legroom space makes the seating arrangements flexible in case of more family members.
  • Rugged leaf spring suspension with hydraulic double acting shock absorbers avoids jerks and jumps on speed breakers.
  • Adjustable headrest and cushioned seats for relaxation
  • Music system and mobile charging point for a fun filled journey

Stylish and Useful Features: The Magic Mantra features a trendy looking, multi-utility dashboard with a digital clock, glove box and space for a music system; while an attractive instrument panel displays critical driver information.

In all, the Tata Magic Mantra is an amazing vehicle for family holidays, offering safety, comfort and security - all in one stylish chassis!

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