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Magic Iris: Safe for Kids, Most Economical for Owners

Tata Motors | Jul 2, 2018 12:45 pm
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Magic Iris Safe for Kids, Most Economical for Owners

Tata Magic Iris, a passenger carrier is one of the best value for money vehicles in its class. The whole idea was to replace risky auto rickshaws with a safer, covered chassis in attractive colours, for the purpose of ferrying school children to and from school.

Why is it considered the safest ride for school kids?
Tata Motors has always prioritized the safety of passengers whether it is school children or usual travelers whoever uses Tata Magic Iris or other Tata variants is assured with a safe and comfortable ride.

The attractive Magic Iris is a stylish minivan fit to accommodate 6 to 7 passengers along with a compact driver’s cabin. Its low maintenance is making it demanding in the light commercial vehicle segment.

Security of kids is of paramount importance!
Parents are always worried about their child’s safety in the school bus. Tata Magic Iris is here to lessen this burden of safety while your child is travelling to school or coming back home. Its advanced security features responsibly take care of the passenger’s security during every ride.

Magic Iris Safe for Kids, Most Economical for Owners

"Aaram mein magic hai" as the saying goes Magic Iris displays ample headroom and legroom for a convenient and fun-filled journey. Children won’t feel crowded and suffocated as there is good space for them to sit comfortably.

Excellent braking performance with the inbuilt vacuum assisted dual circuit hydraulically activated front disc and rear drum brakes gives a superior control on uneven and crowded roads. This avoids sudden jerks keeping the journey safe and comfortable for young children.

The sturdy steel body with monoque structure and tubular construction makes the vehicle resistant to accidents. Observing the user’s need Magic Iris is customized with all the features and amenities required for a safe travel.

Magic Iris Safe for Kids, Most Economical for Owners

The doors are wide and broad which makes it easy for the passengers to enter and exit easily.

Its powerful and reliable engine of 611cc, gives power of 12.5 HP @3000rpm and a torque of 38Nm @1200-1800 rpm for more speed and more trips per day, earning better income making Magic Iris a flawless mini van.

Available in various colours and seating options Magic Iris is designed to suit all the needs required for a safe travel. Also, it has received huge responses from schools and other foundations to be a trusted vehicle ensuring the safety of kids.

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