Tata Magic IRIS Passengers comfort

Magic Iris Comfort Features

Tata Motors | Jul 2, 2018 12:29 pm
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Tata Motors Magic Iris is a stylish and a new generation 4-wheeler vehicle that offers essential comfort required for an enjoyable and pleasant journey.

  1. Seating Capacity: Magic Iris is a small passenger carrier which offers a seating option for 4-5 people with an ample space for luggage, thus ensuring a comfortable travel to the passengers.
  2. Easy Operating System: For a safe drive the flexibility of a vehicle’s operating system is of utmost importance including the accelerator, brake and clutch portions. The better foot on the operating system, the easier travelling experience for the driver and passengers.
  3. Steering Wheel: The luxury that Magic Iris offers is similar to a car. The steering wheel is built smooth and effortlessly turns, providing a considerable control while driving.
  4. Comfortable Passenger Seats: One cannot ignore the passenger seats of Magic Iris. It displays a luxurious thick cushioned seats, higher backrest and excellent thigh support with a seatbelt for safety.
  5. Convenient Doors: The doors of Tata Iris are wide with a pop-up knob provision for side step. It is made up of a metal that is resistant to all weather offering protection from sun, wind and rain.
  6. Instrument Panel: The stylish instrument panel in the Magic Iris is created to exhibit comprehensive details of the vehicle such as speed, distance travelled and amount of fuel available. This warns the driver to drive under controlled speed.
  7. Spacious Luggage Area: With the introduction of a small passenger vehicle such as Magic Iris, Tata Motors engineers were aware of the space needed for storing the luggage and hence created a spacious luggage area along with the provision of a roof luggage.
  8. Amazing Suspension: To avoid bumpy rides on uneven roads, the Magic Iris is fixed with front independent Macpherson strut suspension and at the rear with coil spring, semi-trailing arm and hydraulic double acting shock absorbers. These are capable of handling the hindrances on the road with great ease and avoid discomfort to the passengers.
  9. Stylish and Useful Dashboard: Car like features have been included, giving a luxurious look to the Magic Iris. Ample space is provided in and around the dashboard including a small lock compartment, music system, mobile charger and easy hand held gear shifting.
  10. Adjustable Driver's Seat: The driver's comfort is among the most important traits in a vehicle, and the Magic Iris does not lack in that department with its adjustable bucket seats with high backrest and broad cushion for both the driver and co-driver, for a comfortable driving experience.

These amazing and user friendly comfort features make Magic Iris one of the top, most comfortable passenger vehicles in the prevailing passenger transport sector.

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