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Magic Iris – Available in Fun Colors and Affordable Prices

Tata Motors | Jul 2, 2018 12:34 pm

The Tata Magic Iris is the latest last mile passenger transport vehicle giving users an unmatched travelling experience, especially on long distance routes.

Besides its technically advanced features, the new Magic Iris has been spoken about its various attractive fun colors that are grabbing attention of the passengers and enticing the school kids also.

Shown below are the Six different colors in which the Iris is available.

Magic Iris Fun Colours and Affordable Pricing1
Magic Iris Fun Colours and Affordable Pricing2
Magic Iris Fun Colours and Affordable Pricing3
Magic Iris Fun Colours and Affordable Pricing4
Magic Iris Fun Colours and Affordable Pricing5
Magic Iris Fun Colours and Affordable Pricing6

All the colours are eye catchy and enhance the look of a small commercial passenger vehicle. Moreover, these fully covered beautifully shaped 4wheeler incorporates special features for a comfortable and safe travel.

The Magic Iris was developed mainly after analyzing the demand of a convenient yet safe mini-transporter for school children. These 6 vibrant colors lure the kids to readily go to school without any hassles.

Tata Motors intentionally introduced a vehicle like Magic Iris at affordable rates considering the grave problem of unemployment in the country. Its powerful water-cooled engine offers its owners to earn more and spend less on the maintenance.

This vibrant passenger vehicle is a treat to the eyes and is considerably priced at 3,50,000 (ex-showroom price). Inclusive of insurance, plus RTO, the price may vary from state to state.

The affordable price range has encouraged the youth of the country to purchase Tata Iris and enhance their way of living by using the vehicle for different business alternatives.

The Magic Iris is very economical and easy to maintain. It has a small yet robust body and provides huge windows for clear visibility and plentiful air circulation.

Overall a smart minivan, Tata Magic Iris is an attractive asset promising a safe journey to the passengers and good earnings for the owners.

Magic Iris Comfort Features

Magic Iris: Safe for Kids, Most Economical for Owners

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