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How Tata Magic Small Commercial Vehicle is Shaping the Passenger Transport Business

Tata Motors | Feb 13, 2019 10:05 am
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Tata Magic - Shaping India's Passenger Transport Business

A versatile minivan such as the Tata Magic runs well in most situations – cities, towns, across terrain and even longish distances.
Since its launch in 2007, the Tata Magic has been successful in shaping the passenger transport business, with 6 and 7 passenger seating options providing ultimate comfort to the travelers.

Being compact in size with a closed steel body, the Tata Magic moves swiftly through narrow lanes and easily winds through congested traffic.

The Tata Magic and its variants are commonly purchased for group transit in major towns and cities.Its current models are: TATA Magic IRIS, TATA Magic Mantra and TATA Magic Express.

Tata Magic – a profitable group transporter

Superior mileage, ample space for multiple passengers, low maintenance cost and long service intervals. Make the Magic an easy choice for business owners It is undoubtedly a wise and profitable business investment that allows owners to maximize earnings on every trip.

Safety and comfort features that make Tata Magic perfect for group travel:

1. Crush compliant roof for full safety in case of vehicle roll-over
2. Excellent braking performance
3. Ample space for safety equipment like first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.
4. Large headlamps for better visibility
5. Emergency exit at rear

The Tata Magic range succeeds well in a crowded minivan market because of its economical and optimized feature set and performance. And an unmatched warranty of 2 years/ 72000 kms makes it a suitable investment for a steady business growth.

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