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Engine Specifications of Tata Magic

Tata Motors | Feb 13, 2019 9:55 am
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The launch of a last mile public transporter such as the Tata Magic has been a boon in semi-urban and rural areas. It delivers great comfort, style and safety for the driver as well as the passengers, with diverse seating capacities (4+1, 6+1 and 7+1), bucket seats for drivers and bench seats for passengers, ensures a relaxed journey.

Hence, powered with a great engine type and capacity, Tata Magic proves to be a super successful vehicle and India's first 4 wheeled public passenger vehicle that is low on maintenance and fuel efficient.

Engine Specifications of the Tata Magic

1. 4-stroke, indirect injection, water-cooled diesel engine compliant with BSIV norms. It can warm up quickly and maintain the engine temperature, guaranteeing a better performance even during very cold winters.
2. Dispenses an engine capacity of 702cc and delivers a power of 11.93kw (16hp) @3200r/min. This ensures more power, more speed and more loading capacity.
3. Engine torque produces a power of 38Nm@2000r/min causing less gear shifts and facilitates smooth turning on narrow roads and lanes. It mainly supports adverse Indian road conditions.
4. Better fuel efficiency and best in class mileage leading to savings in operational costs.

Of all variants, the Tata Magic School Van is the best selling model; offering maximum safety and comfort for the children. Superior mileage, long service intervals and enough space to accommodate more children per ride makes Tata Magic School a profitable business asset.

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