4 Benefits of Tata Magic Express Ambulance

4 Benefits of Tata Magic Express Ambulance

Tata Motors | Jun 17, 2021 11:45 am
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An increased demand has emerged for economical and accessible ambulance vehicles after the out-break of the pandemic. The new Tata Magic Express Ambulance AIS 125 compliant BS6 model is the top choice for those seeking an economic healthcare mobility solution.  It is built to serve its purpose, as a compact, spacious, safe and affordable ambulance built to serve cities and communities. Every aspect of its design is intended to enable saving lives in every corner of India.

Unique Compact Design

The Tata Magic Express is built with a compact steel body that makes manoeuvring through various terrains, congested traffic, speedy highways or inner city lanes easy. Its engine and driveline have been compressed, allowing for more spacious interiors, with plenty of room for the patient, accompanying passengers and necessary medical equipment. There are also five door openings that enable easy entry and exit, as well as for effortless servicing of the in-cab medical equipment.

Spacious and Well-equipped

The Tata Magic Express Ambulance has an auto-loading stretcher for the patient, a special doctor’s seat as well as seating for paramedics with additional foldable attendant seats. Additionally, there is storage space for important medical equipment, including IV hooks, medical cabinet and provisions for oxygen cylinders.

Comfortable and Safe Journeys

Added comfort and connectivity features for the driver ensures smoother journeys, while technical specifications like the Single-plate Dry Friction Diaphragm clutch, Semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension, Hydraulic double acting telescopic type shock absorber and front and rear anti-roll bars, keep the vehicle stable no matter how bumpy the road.

Other special features like cabin lights, anti-skid flooring, overhead revolving lamp and public address system all add to keeping everyone on-board comfortable and safe, even in critical times.

Low Cost, High Value

With the new Tata Magic Express BS6 variant, you get the enhanced power of value and profit. The high van outclasses its category counterparts in performance while offering best-in-class mileage and low maintenance costs. It comes with a superior warranty of 2 years/72,000 km, with the added benefit of long service intervals and the easy availability of genuine Tata Motors spare parts.

The Tata Magic Express Ambulance BS6, now backed by the Power of 6 to give you enhanced power, performance, comfort, convenience & connectivity, design & style as well as value for money.

A versatile vehicle of essential calibre, with benefits aplenty for hospitals, emergency services, private medical centres, NGOs, government health departments or anyone seeking a modern mobile health transport solution.

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