3 Things You Need to Know About the Tata Magic Express Type-B Ambulance

Tata Motors | Jul 8, 2021 10:54 am
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The new Tata Magic Express Type-B Ambulance BS6 is yet another high performing, reliable ambulance designed by Tata Motors to be a fully-equipped dispensary on wheels. Wondering what makes it so? Then, here are the three things you should know.

It has superior design and performance features

The Tata Magic Express Type-B Ambulance is designed with a closed steel body that is sturdy and can withstand long hours and multiple terrains, with a turning circle radius of 4.3m to allow easy manoeuvring around crowded or narrow roads. The engine of the ambulance van is a fuel-efficient diesel engine that boasts category best performance, with power of 33kW, torque of 110 Nm @ 1700-2000 and a gradeability of 38%, and best mileage of 19.06 km/l.

It comes with all necessary essential medical features

When it comes to medical provisions, the Tata Magic Express has spacious interiors with room for medical professionals to provide exceptional spot-care for patients in need. These features include an auto-loading stretcher for easy loading and unloading, IV bottle holding hooks, oxygen cylinder, a cabinet box for medications. The interiors also have a doctor’s seat as well as bench seating for 5 attendants. Everything a patient needs in such a scenario has been considered and incorporated.

It is fitted with advanced safety features

These ambulance vans are AIS 125 compliant, with a spectrum of advanced safety features. Such as a crash compliant roof that protects in the case of an accident. The interiors are flame resistant and the flooring is anti-bacterial, so as to ensure further safety. The interiors also have a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher in case of such emergencies. A public address system and overhead revolving lamp also feature on the Tata Magic Type-B Ambulance.

All of these combined, make it the ideal vehicle for India’s healthcare

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